Can our anger, grief and love push us forward to renewed action?

Can our anger, grief and love push us forward to renewed action?

5 Oct 2021

Annual meeting of British Quakers - 

This year’s annual meeting of Quakers in Britain considered the subject “For our comfort and discomfort – living equality and truth in a time of crisis”.  

Three important themes emerged:


Anti-racism, our Quaker journey 

………..As a religious society we are still failing to live up to our testimony on equality…..

We declare our commitment to becoming an actively anti-racist faith community. We are still wrestling with what this means for us. We have work to do and will return to this. 

Acknowledging and Welcoming Gender Diverse People 

Our testimony of equality stems from the religious conviction that all people are of equal spiritual worth, that each one of us is unique, precious, a child of God. 

…….We seek to provide places of worship and community that are welcoming and supportive to trans and non-binary people who want to be among us. ……

With glad hearts we acknowledge and affirm the trans and gender diverse Friends in our Quaker communities, and express appreciation for the contribution and gifts that they bring to our meetings……… This is what love requires of us. 

Faith-based action for climate justice 

………Events of recent weeks remind us that climate crisis is here, and that it affects us already. …What more does love require of us here, and now? 

To those gathering at COP 26 we offer our anger, our grief and our kinder ground, as well as our hope that they can share a vision of a better world. We ask them to renew and redouble their efforts, as we will do ourselves, giving no less than all we can to deliver a liveable planet and just societies. 

…….Seeking to reduce carbon emissions is an urgent priority, but without interrogating and disrupting our existing economic systems, this will only take us back to an unjust system, and may encourage corporations, governments and individuals to delay necessary action and avoid systemic change. 

…….Climate justice is anti-racist work. The people most affected by the urgent and systemic crisis must be placed first in gaining this justice……………Quakers in Britain must join with Friends and others across the world learning and acting together. 

Can our anger, grief and love push us forward to renewed action? 

You can read the minutes from the annual gathering ("Yearly Meeting") at