How to join us during lockdown

We hold a meeting for worship at 10.30am every Sunday. All are welcome.

This is a "blended" meeting with some people participating on-line using Zoom and others attending in the Meeting House in person.

 Contact for the Zoom link.

 Contact to reserve a place in the Meeting House on a Sunday. Due to Covid, we are having to limit the number of people who can attend in person. Usually, there are spaces available, but if you want to be sure please prebook by Friday. We do ask you to wear a mask.

From 3 November we will also offer a Zoom meeting for worship 8.30 to 9pm every Wednesday. 

What to expect at a Meeting for Worship

There's a good webpage about how Quakers worship on the national Quaker site. But if you'd like to know more or have a specific query, please get in touch.

"Come regularly to meeting for worship even when you are angry, depressed, tired or spiritually cold. In the silence ask for and accept the prayerful support of others joined with you in worship. Try to find a spiritual wholeness which encompasses suffering as well as thankfulness and joy. Prayer, springing from a deep place in the heart, may bring healing and unity as nothing else can. Let meeting for worship nourish your whole life."