Brighton Quakers' Statement on Contentious Bookings

Brighton Quakers’ Approach to Contentious Bookings

In Our Meeting House

After due reflection and hours of consideration, Brighton Quakers would like to issue the following statement regarding contentious bookings at the Ship Street Friends’ Meeting House.

Quakers have for over 350 years campaigned for and facilitated the peaceful resolution of conflict. In the light of this, our day to day practice is to try to reflect this principle.

We are passionate advocates of free speech, speaking truth to power as long as the communication is considered and conciliatory. The use of provocative language is not in the spirit of reconciliation or the resolution of differences.

Brighton Meeting has never knowingly approved a booking from someone espousing bigoted or discriminatory views. On the other hand, there are ways to express otherwise reasonable views in an inflammatory and divisive fashion. We consider this to be contrary to our principles of truth and conciliation. This together with the Health & Safety considerations of running and staffing a public building with other users is sufficient reason to cancel or refuse a booking.

Statement issued on behalf of Brighton Quaker Meeting (of the Society of Friends)